Potent MDMA Drug Use in the UK

27 June 2017
Potent MDMA Drug Use in the UK

Manchester police have reported their first sighting of a super strength MDMA drug, after the recent death of a 26-year-old man from Rochdale. An additional four people were in a critical condition in hospital after taking the highly potent party drug, which comes in a crystal form also known locally as “magic” or “pink champagne”.

Chief Superintendent Neil Evans, territorial commander for Oldman, Rochdale, announced that a total number of 11 were hospitalised over the weekend after taking the incredibly dangerous drug. Since the incident, police have been working with the NHS to help those who have taken the substance and warning others of the risks involved.

Fiona Measham, a professor of criminology at Durham University, recently tested MDMA in Greater Manchester with results showing a “very high purity – 85-95%”. With many unware of the dosage amounts, it is feared that users could accidently overdose on the drug. Randox Toxicology’s most comprehensive Classic Drugs of Abuse (DoA I+) test menu can detect MDMA across multiple forensic matrices. Our excellent assay precision and performance eliminates false reporting, reducing unnecessary confirmatory tests and time lost in the laboratory.

Amongst the highest MDMA rates in Europe, a Home Office crime survey for England and Wales revealed in the UK that 3.9% of 16-24-year-olds have used ecstasy in the past year. This showed an increase of 8% in 2010 to 57% in 2015, emphasising the need for action.

From a single sample our latest array can rapidly and accurately detect these drugs using Randox Toxicology's Biochip Array Technology, which boasts cutting-edge multiplex testing capabilities.

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