The World's Only ELISA Test For AH-7921

20 July 2017
The World's Only ELISA Test For AH-7921

This week’s feature product is our second exclusive ELISA kit, AH-7921. Randox Toxicology provide highly sensitive ELISA kits for the rapid detection of drugs and metabolites in various biological specimens. In addition to our significant Research and Development, Randox Toxicology offer the highest quality ELISA kits on the market, with our results providing excellent correlation with confirmatory methods.


AH-7921 is a synthetic opioid with an atypical structure that can produce pain relief and feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and sleepiness. Developed in the 1970s by researchers Allen & Hanburys and the University of Aston, the “AH” refers to Allen & Hanburys who originally patented the drug in 1976. Created as a potential analgesic, it was found to be the most active drug in its series. An N-substituted cyclohexylmethylbenzamide, AH-7921 is a derivative of dimethylaminocyclohexane with the additional 3, 4-dichlorobenzamide moiety.

The negative effects of AH-7921 can become an issue, especially regarding respiratory depression. Other negative effects include, nausea, tachycardia or bradycardia, itchiness, drowsiness, and constipation. Although often taken orally, there are reports claiming of intranasal, IV, sublingual, and rectal administration. AH-7921 is selective for the µ-opioid receptor, with around 80% the potency of morphine when administered orally. If injected, harmful damage can be caused to veins and arteries, which can lead to gangrene, blood clots/thromboses and infections. When mixed with alcohol or other sedatives, taking AH-7921 like any opioid is more likely to lead to an overdose, coma or respiratory failure.

Authorities first reported the availability of AH-7921 on the recreational market in 2012, first detecting the drug within the UK in a white power form that had been purchased online. This was followed by a number of deaths across Europe linked to the drug, which became Schedule 1 in the US in 2016. Although most deaths connected to AH-7921 involve other drugs, there are cases where other substances are only found at nontoxic concentrations, suggesting AH-7921 is a major contributor to some of the deaths. Countries where AH-7921 is currently a controlled substance include, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Poland, Sweden, and the UK.

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