NPS I - The Classic Designer Drugs

05 October 2017
NPS I - The Classic Designer Drugs

Terrifying headlines regularly surface about New Psychoactive Substances, such as Bath Salts and Alpha PVP (Flakka). Recent reports on the zombie drug flakka, blamed the dangerous and powerful man-made substance for violent aggression, hyperstimulation, paranoia, and hallucinations.

With new designer drugs appearing on the market it is essential to react and create new tests. Randox Toxicology’s expertise in research and development enables exactly that, with our NPS I: Classic Designer Drugs panel. Providing excellent assay precision and performance that eliminates false reporting, reducing unnecessary confirmatory tests and lost time in the laboratory.

NPS I: Classic Designer Drugs

Other designer drugs on the panel include mephedrone, a powerful stimulant similar to speed and ecstasy. The main effects and risks of mephedrone include euphoria, alertness, and anxiety. Reports have documented that more people are injecting mephedrone, which runs the risk of spreading a virus and damaging veins.

New Psychoactive Substances contain various chemicals at different strengths, effecting people in different ways. Combined with alcohol or another psychoactive substance, the risk of death is increased further.

Randox Toxicology provide three ELISA kits for NPS I: Classic Designer Drugs - BZP, Bath Salts, and Synthetic Cannabinoids (UR144). Additionally, our patented Biochip Array Technology offers multiplex testing capabilities across a wide variety of matrices, including our NPS I panel. A revolutionary multi-analyte testing platform, which enables rapid and accurate drug detection from a single sample!

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