E-cigarettes Adapted for Drug Use

17 October 2017
E-cigarettes Adapted for Drug Use

New research conducted by QJM medical journal highlighted that the growth of e-cigarettes could fuel the UK drug culture. This is supported by recent reports that e-cigarettes are being adapted to vape dangerous substances such as cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. 

Studies found that 39 percent of e-cigarette users have admitted to using the device to take illegal drugs. Dr Matthew Blundell, a toxicologist from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust London, highlighted that the “novel culture could increase the prevalence of use, decrease the age of onset of use and lead to more problematic use of cannabis and other recreational drugs via vaping devices. Vaping of recreational drugs and new psychoactive substances poses a serious potential public health risk.”

Randox Toxicology offer the most comprehensive drugs of abuse test menu across multiple forensic matrices. Our level of expertise in toxicology research and development allows us to adapt quickly to ever changing market influences and develop assays for current and novel drug trends.

Whilst cannabis has proved the most popular drug to vape, MDMA, ecstasy, cocaine, mephedrone and heroin are all regularly vaped via e-cigarettes. Other drugs reported to have been vaped include ketamine, flakka and LSD. Many users believe that vaping drugs is safer than other methods, with the ability to vape deodorised drugs such as cannabis making drug use difficult to detect and prevent.

Using our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, Randox Toxicology provide the rapid detection of drugs. Combined with our ever-expanding test menu which includes a range of New Psychoactive Substances and drugs of abuse, Randox Toxicology are advancing the future of toxicology!

If you would like to find out more about our extensive test menus and product range, email us at info@randoxtoxicology.com

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