Trump to Declare US Opioid Crisis a National Emergency

24 October 2017
Trump to Declare US Opioid Crisis a National Emergency

President Donald Trump recently highlighted the importance of tackling the ongoing US opioid crisis. According to recent statistics by The Guardian (2017), the number of US opioid prescribed pills has quadrupled since 1999, resulting in drug overdoses which have dramatically increased by 21%. This has resulted in 64,070 American deaths per year, two-thirds of which are accounted for by prescription painkillers such as Oxycodone and the street drugs heroin and fentanyl. Trump has recently declared the US opioid crisis a national emergency, but does he have the power to stop an impending crisis that kills so many Americans each year?

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Patrick Kennedy a former lawmaker and current member of the commission on opioids is concerned Donald Trump wont declare the opioid crisis a national emergency. Other members including chairman and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie are also worried that the president will fall short on his promise.

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