From Colombia to the UK: The trail that's fuelling the worldwide cocaine epidemic

10 November 2017
From Colombia to the UK: The trail that's fuelling the worldwide cocaine epidemic

Top British chef, Gordon Ramsey, recently travelled to Colombia to the source of the cocaine problem to learn more about this growing epidemic. Having spent time with local farmers who own cocaine plants that resemble vineyards, and visiting Honduras, one of the most dangerous countries and known as the worlds warehouse of cocaine, he emphasized the urgent need to combat the cocaine industry that is consuming this country.

Highlighted throughout the two-part series was the amount of cocaine that is being trafficked to the shores of the UK each year. Speaking with the metropolitan police who tackle up to 200 drug gangs in London alone, it was estimated that up to 300 tons of cocaine, with a street value of 10 billion is being brought in to the country through a web of secretive routes used by drug traffickers.

Gordon commented that not only is cocaine a growing global problem, but it is one that is prevalent within the culinary world, including his own restaurants where he has been asked to dust cocaine on top of souffl├ęs as icing sugar and found traces of this deadly drug in both his staff and customer toilets.

With the cocaine problem showing no signs of slowing down Randox Toxicology are constantly working to develop the new drug tests to meet the demands of the ever-growing drug market. The Evidence MultiSTAT was developed for use in non-laboratory settings such as workplaces, police stations and low throughput laboratories and provide highly accurate qualitative as quickly as possible.

With the demand for cocaine in the UK rocketing this revolutionary analyser enables on site simultaneous detection of up to 21 classical, prescription and synthetic drugs from a single patient sample, reducing the burden on current systems, the risk of adulteration and helping the fight against the cartels who control the cocaine trade in south America.

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