Spain's Adolescent Drug Consumption

30 January 2019
Spain's Adolescent Drug Consumption

As is the case in many developed countries, adolescent substance abuse in Spain is one of the major public health problems, mainly due to costs that it generates both socially and economically. According to data from a survey collected by the National Plan on Drugs, 31.2% of 14-18 year olds had tried cannabis whilst a further 5% had consumed stimulants such as Amphetamines and Cocaine, more than any other age demographic in Spain.

Further data reported that a total of 5,238 emergency episodes related to drug use were noted in 2015, which continues the stable trend that has been observed over previous years. Cocaine was the most prevalent substance throughout these episodes, followed by cannabis. An upwards trend in the use of Amphetamines was also distinguishable.

With drug related episodes ever-increasing, the treatment system in Spain has had to receive greater funding. Close to 350 million is spent annually on drug related expenditure with 80% of this figure being spent on the provision of treatment. Nearly 192,000 drug users receive treatment each year in Spain, the majority of whom are treated in outpatient settings. It is vitally important for these patients to receive the highest quality of care through accurate and sensitive drug screening.

The Evidence MultiSTAT

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