Science Behind Drug Testing Development | British Science Week

15 March 2017
Science Behind Drug Testing Development | British Science Week

World Drug Problem

The global drug market is growing at a rapid rate with multiple drugs emerging incessantly. Particularly, an increasing number of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) have been reported, these are often derivatives with modification to their chemical structure.

There are a vast range of drugs that are regionally dependent, however, on a global scale cannabis remains the most common drug of abuse, followed by amphetamines. There has been a decline in opioids until recently when they have reportedly increased due to synthetic drugs like fentanyl.

Randox Toxicology Drug Testing Development

Randox Toxicology provides trusted solutions for the screening for drugs of abuse. With significant reinvestment in Research and Development, we persistently stay ahead of this ever challenging market.  Being the first to develop New Psychoactive Substances tests such as fentanyl, bath salts and flakka allows us to maintain our position as a global leader.

Our unrivalled expertise and turnaround in antibody generation has led to our superior multiplexing assays. In turn, this enables us to introduce novel tests and determine the optimum target compounds and specificities. As time is of the essence in this market, our vast test menu of over 500 drugs and analytes is constantly updated to suit the changing trends and to keep ahead of drugs of abuse globally.

Additionally, we place quality assurance and accreditation at the core of our manufacturing processes in order to ensure this high standard is maintained.

As Randox toxicology operate on a global level our dedicated Technical and Engineering support means that no matter where our customer is in the world, we can guarantee a rapid response to meet their needs.

Randox Toxicology Products

Our pioneering technology has created a number of advancements in the field of toxicology. In particular, our patented Biochip Array Technology which can simultaneously screen from a multi-analyte testing platform, achieving a complete immunoassay profile from the initial screening phase.

Randox Toxicology’s pioneering technology is designed to work across a diverse range of matrices including urine, blood, and oral fluid. Covering multiple drug classes such as classical, prescription and synthetic drugs of abuse, our products are suitable for laboratory, custodial and workplace environments.

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