Carfentanil Overdoses on the Rise

13 June 2017
Carfentanil Overdoses on the Rise

New reports published indicate that law enforcement throughout America have seen an increase in carfentanil related overdoses. Carfentanil, a tranquilizer used for large mammals, is roughly 100 times more powerful than fentanyl and 10,000 times more potent than morphine. It is understood that drug users are not often aware that street heroin has been laced with the dangerous drug.

State police have recently confirmed finding three samples of carfentanil for the first time in Massachusetts. Although no deaths are currently tied to carfentanil in Massachusetts, the number of overdose deaths in New Hampshire linked to the drug is up to six from three in April 2017, says state Attorney General Gordon MacDonald. Referring to drug users within the area Christopher Hickey, EMS officer for the Manchester Fire Department stated, "They would rather get help than risk dying from carfentanil use."

The U.S Drug Enforcement Administration has warned that Carfentanil can also be absorbed through the skin, posing a threat for first responders and law enforcement. With a lethal dose of carfentanil not visible to the human eye, it is also resistant to naloxone.

Our latest New Psychoactive Substances II panel can detect up to 6 compounds of fentanyl including, Carfentanil, Norfentanyl, Remifentanil, Sufentanyl and Ocfentanil. From a single sample our latest array can rapidly and accurately detect these drugs using Randox Toxicology's Biochip Array Technology, which boasts cutting-edge multiplex testing capabilities. 

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