Microplate Reader

Randox Toxicology offers a competitive package for fast and accurate drug detection with the option of two ELISA readers. The DS2 is a compact, easy to use and innovative microplate reader designed with full walkaway capability. DS2 quickly and easily processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously. With its comprehensive capabilities the DS2 delivers repeatable and accurate analysis. It uses a multi-function robot arm that samples and operates the barcode reader.


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Features & Benefits

Fully Automated

The DS2 is a fully automated and compact system ensuring laboratory efficiency as it quickly and easily processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously. 

Fully Integrated Washing

The DS2 Microplate Reader has a fully integrated washing system allowing incubation, washing and reagent dispensing with minimal effort required. 

Extensive On-Board Software

DS Matrix™ Software powers the DS2 reader providing a simple, graphical interface which can be operated by any lab technician with minimal training by simply following prompts. 

Compact System

The vertical design of the DS2 Microplate Reader provides a space saving solution for any laboratory, while the patented multi-plate carrier ensures optimal throughput.

Instrument Diagnostics

On board instrument diagnostics ensure that the DS2 Microplate Reader is operating at optimal levels to ensure efficient operation in laboratories.

Automated Barcode Reading

The DS2 Microplate Reader has a barcode reading system on board for all samples and reagents which increases walk away time for laboratory technicians. 

Full Technical Specification

Physical Specifications & Power Supply


21"W x 27"D x 26"H

(54 x 68 x 66 cm)


100 - 240 Volts auto-switching 


50/60 Hz

Power consumption

<300 VA


105 lbs (48 kg)



General Specification

Number of plates


Sample capacity

100 per load

Continuous load


Sample-tube size

10 – 16 mm diameter
40 – 100 mm height

Reagent-fluid capacity

8 x 25 mL bottles
10 x 15 mL bottles

Control-fluid capacity

24 x 2 mL vials

Dilution capacity

(96) 12 x 8 deep-well strips

Sample-tip capacity

216 tips

Reagent-tip capacity

20 tips

Assays per plate

Up to 12

Selftest at startup

Reader Specification 

Dynamic range

-0.100 – 3.0 OD

Spectral range

405 – 690 nm

Filter slots


Reading channels

12 plus reference channel

Reading modes

Single, dual

Reading time

<30 seconds (Single Wavelenght)


<1% CV (<2.0 OD) 

<2% CV (2.0-3.0 OD)


+/- 0.005 OD or 2.5% (whichever is greater)

Washer Specifications

Manifold configuration


Dispense-volume range

50 – 1000 µL

Wash cycles

1 – 9 (repeatable)

Residual volume

<3 μl

Super aspirate mode


Wash-buffer capacity

2 x 2 L

Low-buffer alarm


Soak time

0 – 999 seconds

Dispense pressure


Rinse function

Input connector for user’s external bottle, any size

Waste-water container

1 x 1.5 L

Incubator Specifications

Temperature range

Ambient + 4° C to 40° C

Temperature uniformity

+/- 1° C across plate @37° C


Independent linearmotion 14-20 Hz(periodic or continuous)

Incubation time


Time to set temperature:

<1 min

Temperature monitoring


Pipetting Specifications


Disposable tips (2 types)

Sample-tip range

Tip type 300 µL (10 –250 µL dispense range)

Reagent-tip range

Tip type 1,300 µL (20 –1,000 µL dispense range)

Maximum dilution

1 to 5,000

Serial dilutions



Up to 96 samples,standards and controls)

Precision, sample tip

<3%CV at any operating volume above 10ul (single shot mode)

Precision, reagent tip

<3%CV at any operating volume above 20ul (single shot mode)

Microplate Readers Available

Product ds2 7


  • Fully automated compact reader
  • Processes 100 samples per run
  • Ideal for routine drug detection

Product elx800 cutout tox logo


  • Semi-automated robust microplate reader
  • Reads 96 wells in 30 seconds
  • Ideal for routine drug detection

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