Quality Control Material

Tailor made quality control material to your exact specifications

We know how important Quality Control is to your laboratory.  It plays a crucial role in toxicology testing in order to prevent errors and to reduce the risk of an incorrect result being reported.  By regularly monitoring the performance of laboratory systems and processes, you can quickly identify issues and resolve them.

Randox Toxicology offer a range of flexible Quality Control Solutions to enable you to do just that; providing you with confidence in your results and ensuring quality standards are met at every stage of the testing process. You can build your own quality control that is relevant to your testing. Choose the compounds, concentrations, matrix, vial size and volume of quality control that you need.  Your new multidrug control can consolidate all your existing controls into one; reducing wastage and costs while providing you with confidence in your results and stock management improvements.

Features & Benefits

Leading Quality

Reliable UK source of raw material ensures consistency of control material. Base material replicates sample with no lot to lot variation.

Third Party Controls

True third party controls provide an unbiased assessment as they are not enhanced by manufacturers to only work with a particular method.

Consistent Material

100% human material sourced from the United Kingdom Blood Transfusion Service with no preservatives or additives ensuring excellent stability and no changes in values

Flexible Design

Tailor made quality control material to minimise waste including the numbers of analytes, vial sizes, concentrations or format we present current products in.

Excellent Stability

Lyophilised quality controls offers stability at +2 - 8°C for up to 4 years from the date of manufacture, once reconstituted remain stable for 7-14 days.

Accurately Assigned Values

Unique value assignment process employs over 32,000 laboratory participants worldwide ensuring the availability of data for a wide range of instruments and methods.

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