Expertise in Reagent Optimisation

Randox Toxicology Drugs of Abuse (DoA) and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) assays, together with the RX series analysers, provide a total package for toxicology testing. RX series Drugs of Abuse screening employs well-known enzyme immunoassay techniques, while the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring assays use latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric reagents which offer excellent performance on a variety of platforms. To complete the package, Randox Toxicology offer a range of calibrators, quality control sera and EQA schemes for DoA and TDM screening.

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Correlation

Excellent correlation with Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) provides a highly accurate solution for toxicology screening.

Renowned Methodology

Majority of Randox drugs of abuse tests are homogenous enzyme immunoassays, providing laboratories with a choice of qualitative or quantitative results.

Ready To Use

Liquid ready-to-use reagents, calibrators and controls offer a convenient and simple method of drug detection and reduce the risk of errors occurring.

SciTeck® Compatibility

All reagents are compatible with SciTeck® adulteration applications, ensuring any laboratory samples which have been tampered with do not evade detection.

RX series analysers available

Product monaco copy

RX monaco

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 170 tests per hour
  • Ideal for low-mid volume testing
Product imola copy

RX imola

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 400 photometric tests per hour
  • Ideal for medium throughput laboratories
Product daytona  copy

RX daytona+

  • Fully automated analyser
  • 450 tests per hour 
  • Ideal for mid volume laboratories

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