Acetaminophen, commonly known as paracetamol, is a frequently used pain-relieving drug whose consumption is not normally associated with any adverse effects. However, long-term treatment and prolonged use of acetaminophen can cause liver and kidney damage. Overdose is also a risk factor and this can lead to hepatic failure if left untreated. 


Liquid Ready-To-Use Reagents

The Randox Acetaminophen reagent comes in a liquid format which is more convenient, and can also help reduce the risk of errors occurring.

Wide Measuring Range

The Acetaminophen assay has a wide measuring range of 4.89-652mg/l. The therapeutic range of Acetaminophen is 10-30mg/l.

Multi-analyte controls and calibrators

Randox offers multi-analyte controls and calibrators making them cost effective and more convenient in terms of consolidation being possible.

Limited Interference

The Acetaminophen reagent offers limited interference from Bilirubin, Hemolysis, Intralipid, and Triglycerides ensuring accurate results.

RX series analysers available

Product monaco copy

RX monaco

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 170 tests per hour
  • Ideal for low-mid volume testing
Product imola copy

RX imola

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 400 photometric tests per hour
  • Ideal for medium throughput laboratories
Product daytona  copy

RX daytona+

  • Fully automated analyser
  • 450 tests per hour 
  • Ideal for mid volume laboratories

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