RX monaco

A compact fully automated solution for high quality testing

The RX monaco is a fully automated, cost effective solution for low to mid volume testing offering the ultimate in convenience, performance and confidence. At optimal configuration, the RX monaco performs 170 tests per hour providing cost effective, high quality testing for small to medium sized laboratories. The RX series test menu allows for complete consolidation of routine and specialised testing onto one efficient, easy to use platform.


photometric tests per hour


step cleaning process


litres of water per hour

Features & Benefits

Optimum Laboratory Efficiency

Low minimum reaction volume of 150μl improves cost-effectiveness and reduces waste. Cuvette check function ensures only clean and viable reaction vessels are used.

Advanced On-Board Stability

Cooled reagent and sample carousel ensure reagent, controls and calibrators can be stored on-board the analyser without compromising stability.

Superior QC Capabilities

The RX monaco generates a range of Levey-Jennings charts, calibration curves and QC statistics ensure superior Quality Control capabilities. 

Complete Consolidation

A complete range of instrumentation, reagents, IQC and EQA available from a single supplier allows for consolidation and real cost savings.

Highly Accurate Testing

120 semi-permanent cuvettes on-board automatically washed in 12 step cleaning programme to minimise contamination providing reliable results everytime. 

Time and Cost Effective

Minimal maintenance required and low water consumption of only 5.5 litres per hour at maximum throughput the RX monaco offers cost effective toxicology solutions.


Height 517mm
Depth 752mm
Width 998mm
Weight 120kg


Throughput 170 tests per hour constant speed
Analyser type Fully automated, discrete, random access bench-top clinical chemistry analyser
Assay types End-point, rate, 2 point assays
Maintenance Daily maintenance – probe & mixer wash / water bath exchange / cuvette check


Reagent & Sample Capacity Shared reagent & sample carousel with a total of 66 user defined positions (positions for reagents ≥ 3, positions for samples ≥ 9)
Reagent Cooling 5-15°C
Reagent & sample Identification Internal barcode scanner
Reagent Inventory Test & report remaining reagent volume, linked to work list
Reagent & sample Pipette single reagent & sample pipette with digital liquid level detection & collision detection function, rinsed inside & out (warm water rinsing)
Reagent volume 0-350μl (1μl increments)
Reagent container 20ml and 70ml
Sample Type Serum, plasma, urine, CSF, & supernatants
Sample volume 3-35μl (0.1μl increments)
Sample dead volume 100μl/50μl (paediatric)
STAT Sampling STAT priority function available


Reaction time 13 minutes
Reaction volume 150-550μl
Stirring System Independent stirring after reagent injection (teflon coated)
Temperature control Water bath
Water Consumption 5.5 litres per hour
Water Requirements NCCLS type 1 or 2 purified water supply at 0.5 bar pressure
Cuvettes 120 semi-permanent optical plastic cuvettes, 6mm optical path
Cycle Time 15 seconds


Incubator temperature 37°C ± 0.1°C
Light Source Long life quartz halogen lamp (water cooled)
Detection Principal 12 wavelengths generated via diffraction grating: 340, 380, 405, 450, 480, 505, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700, 800nm
Detector Method Direct absorbance in cuvette (monochromatic or bi-chromatic)
Wavelength accuracy ±2nm
Absorbance range 0 to 3.3 Abs


Calibration Principal 1 point, 2 point, multi-point, non-linearity method
Quality Control QC interval, monthly QC


External output Standard RS-232C interface
Softwear Windows® XP/ Windows® 7


Power Supply 240 VAC
Power Output 650VA

RX Series Analysers

Product monaco copy

RX monaco

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 170 tests per hour
  • Ideal for low-mid volume testing
Product imola copy

RX imola

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 400 photometric tests per hour
  • Ideal for medium throughput laboratories
Product daytona  copy

RX daytona+

  • Fully automated analyser
  • 450 tests per hour 
  • Ideal for mid volume laboratories

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