Salicylate, commonly known as aspirin, has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties and is frequently used due to the lack of serious side effects at normal therapeutic doses. However over dosage of salicylate can cause metabolic acidosis, gastrointestinal and central nervous systems disturbances and even renal failure.


Excellent Correlation

The Randox Salicylate assay showed a correlation of r=1.00 against another commercially available method providing a highly accurate solution for the toxicology laboratory.

Applications Available

Randox reagents can be used on a wide range of clinical chemistry analysers including the RX series among others, offering a flexible solution for your laboratory.

Excellent stability

Stable to expiry date when stored at 2-8⁰C and an on board stability of 28 days at approximately 10⁰C, offering a cost effective approach to drug monitoring.

Limited Interference

The Randox Salicylate reagent has limited interference from Bilirubin, Hemolysis, Intralipid® and Triglycerides ensuring accurate results for your laboratory.

RX series analysers available

Product monaco copy

RX monaco

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 170 tests per hour
  • Ideal for low-mid volume testing
Product imola copy

RX imola

  • Fully automated, random access analyser
  • 400 photometric tests per hour
  • Ideal for medium throughput laboratories
Product daytona  copy

RX daytona+

  • Fully automated analyser
  • 450 tests per hour 
  • Ideal for mid volume laboratories

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