Are You Eligible For a Grant?

Did you know that if you are based in the USA or Canada you could be eligible for a full grant to assist with the purchase of our Evidence MultiSTAT analyser?

In order to combat substance abuse within the USA and Canada, certain bodies are offering grants to assist with tracking and preventing the misuse of harmful substances.

The Evidence MultiSTAT allows for rapid results for drugs of abuse which reduces long wait times for toxicology reports and enables faster responses. Screen up to 29 classical, prescription and synthetic drugs from a single sample in less than 30 minutes.

Case Study

Watch the video below to see how Lehigh County Coroner’s Office in Allentown, PA used a grant to assist with the purchase of the Evidence MultiSTAT analyser.

USA & Canada Grant Information

A Quick “How-To” Guide for Understanding Opioid Settlements State-to-State

Every US state is receiving some amount of money from Opioid Settlements. How this money is dispersed and spent varies widely, but in every state and locality there is an opportunity to support harm reduction efforts.

This downloadable quick guide serves as a starting point for Local Health Departments and their partners to understand Opioid Settlements and support evidence-based, harm reduction centered approaches to the spending of settlement dollars.*

*Disclaimer the information contained in the downloads via links provided are not updated by Randox and is the responsibility of the government bodies to update. Please ensure you check the government websites for the most up to date information on grants.

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