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Randox Toxicology provides highly sensitive ELISA kits for the rapid detection of drugs and metabolites in various biological specimens. An Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, or ELISA, is a test which uses antibodies to detect the presence of a substance. A 96-well microtitre plate is supplied precoated with an antibody. If the drug being tested is present in the sample, it will compete with the horseradish peroxidase enzyme labelled antigen for a limited number of antibody sites on the microtitre plate. Results are produced based on an enzymatic colour change.

Randox Toxicology has an ever expanding test menu which includes a range of New Psychoactive Substances, drugs of abuse, stimulants, analgesics and sedatives. Significant re-investment in Research and Development allows Randox Toxicology to develop assays with relevant values and optimise them for best performance in a variety of matrices. Offering excellent cross-reactivity and unrivalled limits of detection, Randox Toxicology develops the highest quality ELISAs available on the market, with results providing excellent correlation with confirmatory methods. 

Features & Benefits

Excellent Precision

Intra and inter assay precision typically <10% CV offering highly sensitive accurate detection of drugs of abuse and drug metabolites with excellent correlation with GC/MS. 

Multiple Matrices

Measurement of drug residues in various matrices including whole blood, urine & oral fluid that are compatible with all microplate processing instruments. 

Manufactured in UK

Our range of ELISA kits are manufactured using our own antibodies in the UK, providing the highest quality toxicology screening solutions for any laboratory. 

Highly Sensitive

Sensitive ELISA kits offer excellent cross-reactivity and unrivalled limits of detection on a range of routine and novel assays including designer drugs. 

Cost Consolidation

Randox Toxicology offers a cost effective ELISA solution for drugs of abuse screening, with lower set-up costs as no expensive equipment is required.

Laboratory Efficiency

Ready to use reagent format facilitates optimum laboratory efficiency and allows up to 80 samples to be analysed in 2 to 3 hours with ELISA.

Microplate Readers Available

Product ds2 7


  • Fully automated compact reader
  • Processes 100 samples per run
  • Ideal for routine drug detection

Product elx800 cutout tox logo


  • Semi-automated robust microplate reader
  • Reads 96 wells in 30 seconds
  • Ideal for routine drug detection

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